The reason that I choose to invest at Pata' is because I'm in love with jewelry and always like to adopt new collection. I think this is the generic problem for many people. As I had tried the product and study the business, I learn that the product of Pata' has a high quality, also has a warranty as the real jewelry. The beginning of business is from purchasing and waring them to the party, many people had complimented about them. So I decided to open the franchise. It is fun to be a business owner and I think it is a right desicion to invest the Pata'.

I started investing in Pata' Jewelcloning for Direct Sales model. I have received support from the parent company as well, both product and marketing. It takes less than two months, I can open franchises Pata' Jewelcloning. Today I opened showroom in the BigC Mahasarakham (department store) and plans to expand to neighboring provinces in 2009 Thanks to Pata' for business opportunity, I found the way of doing business that will turn crisis into opportunity.

"There is a good chance for people to look for. And I want to grab that opportunity."

Every businessman is looking forword to achieve his business goal. These things will not happen without good teamwork. Pata' has provided such a good teamwork. I can get help from Pata' all the time. We do not do this alone, but like having a friend on hand to help and listen to all problems. The lifestyle of housewife in my life changed. Now I do business and also take care of a family. It is possible. Business is easy, generate additional income and add happiness to life. You will never walk alone LIVER POOL F.C.:)