For product of Pata Jewelcloning, material is made of sterling silver 92.5% , plated with gold or platinum of 5 micron in thickness. (General product is plated only 0.25 to 1 micron in thickness to reduce production cost but Pata plates our product with 5 micron for durability and beauty as if fine jewelry.) Diamond used by Pata is Cubic Zirconia with quality of European Cut. Brilliant cut. Pata emphasizes on similarity to the real one as much as possible in facet, weight, and brightness of diamond. All production process is the same as that of real diamond. Thus, seeing with eyes alone cannot differentiate this product.
Products of Pata are handicrafts made by skillful craftsmen who work for fine jewelry production and plated with special thickness. Therefore, you can be confident that products of Pata are completely beautiful and look real; only price can tell the difference.

Pata' Jewelry Care. Care for it exactly as if it were real. Given proper cleaning, the cubic zirconia will retain its beauty for years. The best cleaning agent for cubic zirconia is liquid dishwashing detergent. But, other cleansers can be used, preferably those without ammonia or alcohols. Natural skin oils, soap, and dirt cause a film that dulls the beauty and luster of the cubic zirconia, just as it dulls real diamonds.
Remember: a dirty diamond wont shine either, so keep Pata Cubic Zirconia jewelry as clean as your fine jewelry.

Differences between Products of Pata Jewelcloning and Products made of General Jewelry
Comparison Pata Jewelcloning Fine Jewelry General imitation Jewelry
Material Sterling silver 92.5 % Real gold/platinum Brass/Alloy
Diamond Real Cubic Zirconia: European Cut / Heart & Arrow Grade Diamond/Gem Cubic Zirconia: Low Quality
Plating Plated with real gold and platinum of 5 micron in thickness Plated with real gold and platinum of 1-2 micron in thickness Plated with real gold and platinum of 0.25-1 micron in thickness
Price 20-366 US 200 - 24,391 US up 5 -15 US