Women and beauty has been together close to everyday life for thousand years. Therefore, undoubtedly, jewelclcloning business is potential with the bright future of investment.

During the time of sluggish economy, costume jewelry, especially hand-made jewelclcloning designed by craftsmen who work with fine jewelry is more demanded by customers. All body of costume jewelry is made of raw material and costume jewelry with high quality. Since these jewelclcloning are almost 100% similar to the real one, even a person who has been familiar with jewelry business for a long time almost cannot differentiate them from the real one except by using tool for examination and analysis.

Thus, market of this kind of jewelcloning trends to expand pretty much. Investment for this business becomes interesting alternative for those who wish to do free career that gives them worth yield and enough interest.

Starting with real jewelry business that was household business 20 years ago, Pata' opened jewelry shops in department stores. But, during economic crisis, purchasing power in the market extremely fell down. Therefore, Pata' turned to do costume jewelry business that emphasizing on product with quality similar to the real one to correspond with economic condition at that time. 50 branches for the period of 2 years prove achievement of Pata' Jewelcloning until being supported by Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce, and being one of 20 franchises that are granted quality accreditation in Thailand by Ministry of Commerce.

To create brand Pata' and make it outstanding in mind of target customers that it is costume jewelry with quality close to that of the real one the most by using franchise network.

Heart of achievement of Pata' is an attempt to cause achievement to every franchise buyer. Achievement of the company depends on achievement of every member.

We provide assistance with product designed, inventory purchasing, sales techniques, store promotions, and other key operational issues. As our Pata' Jewelcloning franchisee, you'll also have access to our online training "How to run a Pata' jewelcloning business"which providing every step of knowledge related to products of Pata' jewelcloning,managing retail jewelry store,sales person training technique, web marketing.etc.

In addition, you'll receive your own online store so you can sell your products quickly on the internet to the world.You'll receive site selection assistance and help with the design of your store.You can also receive Pata' operation manual, the rights to use our trademark and access to our proven sales, marketing,and operational tools and techniques.

Pata' Jewelcloning is a franchise system accredited by the Department of Trade Development, Ministry of commerce,Thailand.

The brand now seeks single unit and area development franchise to bring this concept into new international locations. There are no franchise fee, no royalty fee, no marketing fee. Become a part of our legacy of success today!

Pata' Jewelcloning was one of the 20 franchise businesses that met the stringent standard by the Department of Business Development within the Ministry of Commerce, on March 17,2005.

The Ministry of Commerce, in its promotion of complete cycle franchise businesses. awarded a special seal of recognition to each franchise business operator who passed its high quality control evaluations. Each seal of recognition is valid for three years. So far, only 20 business operators in Thailand have been awarded the seal of recognition by the Ministy, and Pata' Jewelcloning is proud to be one of them.

The brand now seeks international distributors to bring this concept into new international locations. Become a part of our legacy of success today!