Gemologist scientists developed Cubic Zirconia,CZs, as a dense clear material through which laser light can be reflected. It is similar to rough diamonds mined in Africa and is cut and polished by an expert diamond cutters to exact specifications. Thatís why gemologists agree that cubic zirconia is the finest diamond simulation because it comes closer than any other gem material to matching the characteristics of a diamond. Most people, even trained gemologists, cannot tell the difference with the naked eye.

‘Cubic Zirconia is made up of zirconium oxide and yttrium oxide fired at 5,500 degrees Celsius in the laboratory. A cubic zirconia weighs 75% more than loose diamond with the same carat weight. Like diamonds, the best cubic zirconia are colorless (or white) and donít lose their brilliance.


There are three classic grades or cuts of cubic zirconia: Commercial, Regular and Custom. Most Cubic Zirconia manufacturers use the less expensive regular-cut grade with semi-polished to reduce itís cost. Pata Jewelcloning use only the finest Custom cut ďCubic ZirconiaĒ so Pata cubic zirconia is undetectable to the jewelerís naked eye.

One of the ways to tell the difference between a cubic zirconia and a real diamond is to look at the cubic zirconia under 10X magnification. You can see the facets do not point properly and where facets intersect, it is not a straight line, but the intersection is more rounded than the diamondís facets. For the accuracy of classification, only the electronic device would be use to tell the difference.

Pata Cubic Zirconia is unique. Each stone is made with the finest cubic zirconia technology available in the world today. The gems are fired then cut and polished exactly like real diamonds by our expert craftsmen, each stone is fully faceted like a diamond which no less than 58 facets like those of real diamond, and placed in 24kt gold plated settings designed to emphasize the fire and brilliance of the CZís.

Pataís impeccable White Gold over sterling silver finish provides a precious metal with an exact platinum appearance. Pata Vermeil is no less than five microns of 24kt gold over precious sterling for an exact gold appearance like all fine jewelry.