1. Right to be Pata Jewelcloning Franchise in the area exclusively.
     2. Right to be exempted from various fees.
          Franchise Fee Free
          Marketing Fee Free
          Royalty Fee Free
     3. Transfer of Pata Jewelcloning Business system that has been proved making profits
     4. Training through Pata Online Training
          - Tips to succeed in jewelry business
          - Product knowledge
          - Training for sale staffs
          - Financial management
          - Document for jewelry business
     5. Related advices before launching business:
          - Selecting location
          - Shop design and decoration
          - Shop layout
          - Promotion
          - Marketing Plan
          - Business Plan
          - Brand Creation
     6. Continuous product development: all products must be similarly to the real one as much as possible as slogan           Only price can tell the diference
     7. Can expand business opportunity under the marketing plan of Pata Jewelcloning

          @ Being interested and determined in business of Pata Jewelcloning.
          @ Owns investment balance of USD 12,000.
          @ Has good attitude towards creating Pata brand.
          @ Marketing minded.

          Investment for Pata' Jewelcloning's Master Franchise can be varied from location to location


To test the market, Pata' Jewelconing urge you to invest in single unit franchise.However,those who have strong background in entrepreneurship can also invest several units at a time.

For more details, contact us at contact@jewelcloning.com


Your complains are most welcome for assisting us in providing you a better service in the future.