Get to know CZ Synthetic Diamond (Cubic Zirconia)
     Many people may have heard about Russian Diamond, Synthetic Diamond or CZ Diamond and are probably confused what the differences are among those terms. The answer is they all refer to the same thing and are just named for trading purpose by jewelers and all of them are Cubic Zirconia also known as CZ Diamond.
     First produced in Russia, it was called in the early period as Russian Diamond. Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic element discovered and developed by gemologist.

    It features highly reflective and clear crystal material and its properties are almost the same to those of the real diamond from diamond mine. When cut and polished by experienced lapidary, this synthetic gem piece can hardly be differentiated from the real one. With its appearance and scientific properties as opposed to the real diamond, people or even experts jewelry industry may sometime feel difficult to differentiate them with their naked eyes.
     Currently, Cubic Zirconia is divided into 3 grades; Commercial, Regular and Custom grade. Most factories produce regular grade Cubic Zirconia and cause it cut through few steps before selling it as low price accessories. This is not what we do at Pata Jewelcloning as it selects only Custom grade Cubic Zirconia which looks like real diamond as much as possible to ensure that Patas diamond gives genuine looks that can hardly be distinguished from the real one with naked eye.

Additional Information

    One from several methods to tell difference between real diamond and Cubic Zirconia is to use less than 10x magnifier to see the inner cut which is not a straight line and when these lines cut across, it is more obvious that they are not a straight line but rather blunt or round line as opposed to the real diamond. If one wants to definitely and accurately differentiate them, the most precise method is to use electronic instrument. All pieces of jewel cloning selected by Pata have their own genuineness and are the resulted of the most advanced technology for synthetic diamond in the present day. They are meticulously produced, cut and polished as if they are the real diamond by true lapidary. All pieces contain not less than facets as per standard cut for real diamond.

    Cubic Zirconia deserves care as the same manner as the real diamond. Perfume, oil, soap or dust is the major cause of stain accumulated as thin film obscuring their sparkle as the same manner that they do to the real diamond.

    Appropriate cleaning procedures will maintain jewelcloning to shin for years. The best way for cleaning is to use dishwashing liquid with soft brush. Avoid using hot water as it may enlarge gems and body and lose their fitting. Cleaning liquid for gemstone may be used if it contains no ammonium or alcohol solution.