Cutting pattern
    The ultimate goal of diamond cutting is to create refraction and reflection as much as possible while diamond weight must, at the same time, be preserved as much as possible.
    To date, diamond cutting has been developed to get more and more different shape and patterns and thus might affect sparkle of diamond. As diamond is still popular, this can be compensated by styles more suitable for demand or character of wearer.

1. Round Shape: Brilliant Cut
    A standard pattern suitable for both ladies and gentlemen

2. Princess Cut
    Perfect for gentlemen as it can reflect well organized pattern

3. Heart Shape
    Ideal for ladies through reflection of love and sweet

4. Pear Shape
    Ideal for ladies reflecting freedom

5. Marquise Shape
    Ideal for ladies reflecting creativity

6. Oval Shape
    Ideal for ladies prioritizing courteousness but gorgeousness

7. Emerald Shape
    Perfect for gentlemen preferring courteousness but elegance