How to design and decorate jewelry shop:
    To successfully sell jewelry products, you may, in addition to their beauty and quality, have to consider shop design and decoration which is crucial for how product is offered in order to attract customer and make him/her decided to buy the product.

1. Shop components: Basically, there should have 3 types of case as follows:
    1.1 Showcases

    Showcases or Counters with height at our waist level. There are two major types, standing and sitting type. Products placed in the case can be easily handled. Normally negotiation takes place over this counter.

    1.2 Wall case

    Wall case is fixed to the wall and usually sits behind Showcase. It is suitable for showing large product e.g. necklace, pearl necklace.

    1.3 Tower case

    Tower case, the high rise cabinet allowing products to be seen at normal level and it is an ideal for such pieces that need to strike the eyes or be displayed in Tiffany style.

    These 3 types are just basic shop design but there are also several types of showcase depending on location and window display.

2. Product display in the showcase
    2.1 Traditional window display refers to general display that clearly separate type of products e.g. ring, earring, pin, bracelet etc. by sparing appropriate space between each product type.

Traditional window display

    2.2 Mass Display Product will be displayed in symmetrical layers. This method is suitable for shop with full range of product.

Mass Display

    2.3 Tiffany Windows features luxury and taste with just few product item and limited number of decorating items to make better look.

Tiffany Windows

    2.4.Theme Windows will manifest given concept or season greeting e.g.
Valentine s Day etc.

Theme Windows

3. Light setting in the shop and showcase
    Jewelry and light are such two things that cannot be separated. For diamond jewelry in particular, light frequently used in the showcase
    (Up lights) is energy-saving daylight LED which will help make jewelry in the showcase striking and sparkling and help the customer to make their choice.

    Down lights are also significant and classified into 2 types:

1. Incandescent light is an imitating warm light that can make jewelry look more beautiful. Its disadvantage is the high temperature.
2. Fluorescent light gives white light with lesser heat but its disadvantage is that it gives excessive reflection that may overshadow the jewelry.

    It is therefore recommended to have both types of lighting at appropriate proportion and location e.g. at the mirror for fitting by customer or at the counter type showcase where products will be checked, there should have Fluorescent down light to see sparkle while the rest of the shop may use warm light from Incandescent light.