How to keep your jewelry always looking new
    If you want to wear jewelry that looks new all the time, what we should avoid and how to do cleaning?

    After wearing jewelry, dirt always collected on such jewelry. The unavoidable one is sweat, one of the causes of becoming dull and dirty. As such, it is necessary to do regular cleaning before allowing such dirt to pack in deep stain which is difficult to clean.

    There are a lot of cleaning methods; instant polishing cloth, specific jewelry cleaning liquid, cleaning by ultrasonic machine. If, however, you dont want to invest in these cleaning products, you may select basic cleaning method as follows:
    1. Water container
    2. Dish washing liquid
    3. Warm water
    4. Soft brush

    Clean jewelry in the container with warm water and dish washing liquid, use soft brush to gently polish in the same direction and then leave it in the liquid for a while before drying it with hair dryer and keeping in the case.

*do not hurriedly keep not fully dried jewelry in the case as it may be dull in short period of time.
*do not use soap for cleaning as some type of soap can create thin film coating on jewelry surface.

    If you wear jewelry on daily basis, it is suggested to clean it regularly as when dirt accumulated for a long time, it will be difficult to clean especially grooves under the diamond and this is one of the causes making diamond look dull without sparkles.

Just follow the above you will be able to keep your jewelry in new look all the time.