Body of quality
     There are several kinds of material widely used for making jewelry. Below are the main kinds of such materials:
1. Gold
2. Platinum
3. Silver
4. Brass

    If jewelry grade is taken into account, we can divide them into 3 levels:
Upper level: high price real diamond and real gem works usually use with body made of gold or platinum which are both high price material.

Medium level: works of real gems and synthetic diamond or real diamond of not so high quality usually use silver body and their price can range from medium to high level.

Lower level: works of synthetic diamond, glass, plastic which have cheap price suitable for casual wear or are those costume jewelry, usually use brass or rhodium as body.

    At Pata, we are determined to make jewelry affordable by all or more interesting price as opposed to real gems. However, we do not use that lower price as an excuse and always maintain quality and similarity of our product as much as possible.

    The key to make it possible is diamond (quality of diamond selected has been discussed in other chapter) but another key factor of similar significance is the body. Here we use silver material as it is safe for human skin and wildly accepted by the public especially for its white brightness. By comparing with other elements, it is close to platinum but cheaper. Although it is not the cheapest in the market but we think of our consumer and the use by our customer.

    Differing from brass that may allergic to some people manifesting in itching rash at contact surface while some can satisfactorily wear it without any such allergic problems.
    The next problem is when "brass" reacts with "sweat" ,the outcome is an oxide manifesting green stain.

    It wont bother you in casual wearing but if you are sitting at the dining table in a social event, green stain at your finger or your necklace, it would not be a great experience for you when thinking of that event.

    Although brass accessories may be coated with platinum or gold to get more attractive appearance, such stain problem exists.